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Posted by Brianna on December 14, 2010 in Holiday - New Year's, Holiday Parties, Noteworthy's Newest Additions

New Year’s Eve parties all have one thing in common, alcohol.  Of course I am strictly speaking of adult parties.  Kids can have fun too with some of the party ideas that I’ve cooked up!  However, parties for adults are more common during this holiday and Champagne is the drink of choice, as it should be.  Champagne is for celebrating!

I have decided to offer up my humble abode for a New Year’s party this year and that comes with many responsibilities.  That also means I get to be the one to come up with the party ideas!  I have come up with a few that I think would be really fun.  I have to remember to try and plan things that could be relatively inexpensive.   The whole point of staying home and not going to a bar is to save money.  At my place I can guarantee absolutely no cover charge, music that will always be good and a bar that isn’t crowded.

When I was first informed of a possible New Year’s Eve party, I was immediately excited.  I was in New York last year and we were at a house party until after the count-down and then we went to a bar thinking there wouldn’t be a cover.  Wrong… Not only did we pay 30 bucks a pop, but the bar was pretty empty.  Needless to say we still had a good time dancing and then we went home.  So this year I began to think about things to do and I came up with this list good for mixed company:

Bellini Bar – Bellini’s have long involved histories and they are almost never the same.  But the Bellini that we know and love is basically fruit puree and Champagne (Sparkling wine works just as well).  The idea for the Bellini bar would be to have lots of different fruit purees for people to try.  Over the course of the party a guest could have the option of trying all the interesting flavors you have come up with.  Not only could you have just the regular fruit puree, but you could try mixed fruits as well.  Fruit like blackberries, raspberries, mixed berries, mangos, peaches, pears, papayas, etc. – if you can find these fruits, just cut them up, throw them in a blender with a little bit of granulated sugar and there you have it.  Bellini Bar DONE.  Make a nice arrangement and its classy or fun or whatever!

Wine TastingWine is a world waiting to be traveled, the question is: where do we start?  Wine parties are best kept simple.  First decide where you want to take your guests… Also decide where you want to take yourself.  If there is a certain type of wine that you like, start there.  If you are a huge Chianti drinker, then start with Italy.  Italian wines are great! Chianti also known as Sangiovese is a smooth varietal and one that many red wine drinkers will appreciate.  For a New Year’s party I suggest this kind of line up, because it’s necessary to have some kind of sparkling wine or Champagne:

2 Reds   (Chianti/ Sangiovese and a Primitivo)

2 Whites  (Orvieto is really nice)

1 Sparkling  (Prosecco, Prosecco, Prosecco!)

When you select your wines, be thinking of some appetizer s or entrees that might go well with the wines and are native recipes from that specific country.  Starting with Italian appetizers and entrees will help your guests really feel like they are out of the country.  There are many countries you could choose from:  France, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Germany etc.  Plan your own adventure.

It might also be a good idea to do a traveling wine tasting.  By this I mean, start with the Chianti that you like, but then take your guests to France, Germany or Spain.  In which case you might like a line up, like this.

Chianti from Italy, Bordeaux from France, Riesling from Germany, Albarino from Spain – Then real Champagne from France or the Prosecco from Italy.  Then change up the appetizers or entrées accordingly.

Ice Cream Social – I say bring it back!!  Ice cream socials are fun for any age and it is an easy dessert.  With a nice table and table cloth, place your ice cream flavors on one side and fill small bowls with topping choices.  Gummy bears, m&ms, pistachios, crushed oreo, heath bar, sprinkles, whatever you like! Just make sure you put lots of yummy chocolate/ caramel syrup at the end.

Candy Bar – Candy bars have become largely popular for weddings.  People are candy-aholics! I know I can’t walk into a movie theatre without some candy tucked safely in my bag.  Having lots of candy choices at your New Year’s party is sure to change some frowns to smiles.  Having a bit of everything works best from sweet tarts to gummy bears all the way to snickers or chocolates.  If you would like to get super creative, you can make your own!  There are plenty of easy recipes on the Internet to help you through the adventure of making chocolate.  And, by adding homemade sea salt chocolates to the mix… well it makes me speechless just to think about it.

Miniature Treats – Miniature food is big these days.  I have read countless articles on the joys of miniature cooking.  Though it all looks hard and time-consuming, I must say that the results are wonderful.  All the effort that will be paid will certainly be repaid as soon as your guests see and taste your spread.  There are many websites that will help you make miniature food, not even including the food network.  Mini pizzas, tacos, quesadillas, salads, soups, dessert etc.  In the end the pros are that nobody feels like they’ve over eaten!

When you finally decide on the party you would like to throw, come over to Noteworthy and pick out your invitations.  We have so many quality products for you to choose from.  From classy elegant Soiree invitations to fun party invites; you are sure to fall in love with one of our designs.

These New Year’s ideas are winners and I might somehow combine them all for my own party.  I am certainly going to try the Bellini and Candy bar.  You can’t lose with some kind of food, drinks, noisemakers, party hates and a tv nearby.  Hang a few decorations and you’ve got this party thing down to a tee.  Need any more help?  Ask and you shall receive!  On a last note, have fun and be safe!

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