Tips for Taking the Perfect Holiday Photo

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We’ve all been there – your customer spends days upon days deciding on the perfect holiday card to coordinate with their holiday photograph, and then they submit the order to you and the photograph is taken from an iPhone, a 2 inch by 3 inch photograph or taken with a camera setting of 96 DPI resolution.  What can you do?!

Take the time now to educate your customers on how they can take the best photograph possible for their holiday cards…be it helping someone to take a high quality photograph or helping a customer understand what makes a great holiday photograph and what doesn’t.  Below we’ve compiled some great tips for taking photographs for your holiday cards!

  • Don’t use your iPhone!  Get out that digital camera that’s been collecting dust and take a high resolution photograph that will make your photograph clear, concise and easy to draw attention.
  • Before you take the photograph, set your camera’s resolution to at least 300 DPI (dots per inch).  Most cameras will be set to a lower setting, because this way you use less memory when taking a bunch of photographs.
  • Some of the best holiday photos are done with a Christmas tree, Menorah or Christmas lights in the background, which can make for an awkward glare.  Fool the auto-light in your camera by setting the shutter to a manual speed, like 1/15 sec or 1/8.  The slower the shutter speed, the brighter the lights will look.
  • If you are taking photos of young children, get down to their level when taking a photograph.  The closer you get, the more magical and nostalgic the photograph will be.
  • Take a ton of photographs!  The pressure of getting the “right” photograph the first time is often the case – set that feeling aside and let the group create their own photograph and watch as you catch amazing candid images when the group forgets they’re posing for the camera.

2012 Holiday Album – Now Available!

Posted by admin on August 23, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Christmas is right around the corner!  Okay, so maybe it’s a little early to start dragging out the Christmas tree and the old box of ornaments to decorate the store, however, now is the time to start thinking about the holiday season, and increasing sales to have a great end to the calendar year!  Noteworthy’s new 2012 holiday album is now available for purchase, and each page is filled with new product, old holiday favorites and the perfect items to help your customers celebrate the season in a modern and trendy way!

What can you expect to see in the new album?  Some of our newest designs feature modern twists on holiday classics, turning iconic holiday themes, (think holly, Santa’s Sleigh, poinsettia flowers, Christmas trees, winter scenes and holiday ornaments), into contemporary works of art.  Each new invitation collection features a coordinating reply card and sticker set to create a coordinating ensemble, along with matching envelope liners, too!  Adding little things to an order, be it an envelope liner, return address or a fun gift tag sticker can be a great way to increase sales and spread the word about your business.  Once your customer’s guests receive their invitations, they’ll soon be asking where on earth you found these adorable invitation sets!

Don’t forget about holiday greeting cards, either!  With the economy getting a bit better this year, personal Christmas budgets are increasing, which means the annual holiday card send-off is back ON!  Your customers will love the convenience of our digital holiday cards, (no more glue dots or double-sided tape), and a professional and high-resolution image each time.  Not sure how to educate your customers on taking the best quality photograph?  Check our blog out next week for tips on taking great digital photographs for your holiday cards!

Ready to celebrate the holidays?  The new 2012 Holiday Album is just $125.00, and the album will ship from our warehouse within our quick 3-5 business day turnaround time!  Order now and prepare for the holiday season, as your customers will be holiday shopping earlier than you know it!


Graduation Invitations and Photo Cards

Posted by admin on February 9, 2012 in Graduation

Graduation Photo Announcement

Graduation can’t come soon enough for most of us. We spend years and years in school hoping/ wishing/ praying for the end to come swiftly. Then, we spend years and years hoping and wishing we could go back.  In the end, I think we all just want to feel like kids again. So, as a last celebration for any new step you might be about to jump up to might we offer you a little help and encouragement.

New Graduation Invitations and Photo Cards will help make your graduation duties all the easier. Whether you are announcing, inviting or addressing there are no failing grades in this collection.  Our last graduation collection blew everything out of the water, introducing hundreds of styles in every school color imaginable, but they were missing one thing – address labels to match. Now, not only are there even more design, more room for pictures and more stylish cards, but we’ve got the address labels to match our last collection. Feel free to browse the hundreds of items we have to offer.

Graduation only comes a few times in our lives – from when we are little and don’t know what’s going on, to high school and then from a university. Revel in the fact that you’ve accomplished so much and you’re about to put an era behind you, leaving only memories.  Keep the memories alive by having that crazy party or taking the perfect picture and having it sent to family and friends. You know everyone is going to love them!

Find these items and more at and

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Ringing in the New Year – With Bling!

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If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that many women get engaged over the holidays. This means that there are sure to be plenty of weddings over the next year. As non-traditional weddings and wedding dates are on the rise, it more than likely that these newly engaged couples will be choosing any month for their big day, not just may – august.  Make sure you’re ready with the Noteworthy Wedding Collection with all kinds of wedding party stationery for all your brides’ extras.

As a person who has been a part of all parts of a wedding, I have to attest to many other attendees when I say that the bachelorette party, dinner rehearsal, engagement party and bridal shower are some of the best times with friends and family. Help your customers get the fun, non-traditional vibe to enjoy these special occasions.

These wedding party invitations, response cards and stickers will set the tone and they will tell all their friends about the high quality cards, beautiful invitations they received. Make sure you get a jump on weddings this year, it’s going to be a big couple years.  Baby boomers’ kids are all starting to get married, make sure you’re in on the fun!!

We have invitations for the groom too! Couples showers, bachelor parties, etc. You’ll love these invitations, we promise!

Find us at and as well!


NEW Christmas Invitations

Posted by Brianna on November 8, 2011 in Holiday - Christmas, Holiday Parties, Noteworthy's Newest Additions

Finally they are here and just in time for ordering invitations! Christmas is only about 6 weeks away; not that long till we’re all scurrying around to get our present buying and party planning all done.  So we’re helping you out by getting everything set up early. Though we know we already have too many invitations and photo cards to choose from, options never hurt anyone!

We’ve brought back some of the old classics and re-designed them to fit your style today.  Like this invitation to the left. We have this as a couples wedding shower, engagement party, or just a summer cookout invitation. It comes in many different colors and here is remade for your perfect Christmas Cocktail get-together.

Care for an invitation reminiscent of a rehearsal dinner invitation from long ago? This new design captures the lovely colors of the season and a classy card for a Holiday Dinner Party.  Use this invitation for all sorts of parties including a Holiday Rehearsal Dinner… off season weddings are back in!

If you’re like my family, we didn’t get to spend Christmas with our grandparents as often as we would have liked, but when we did – oh was it a treat! I remember putting on these old ornaments for my grandmother and gazing at each one for at least 5 minutes each before I placed it on a branch. This invitation reminds me of those old intricate ornaments and hopefully will remind you as well!

These next 3 invitations are all very different from one another. First we have a very simple, typography invitations with Santa’s laugh big, bright and green! The second is busier with a striped center like a candy cane and big bold and script text.  It’s longer and thinner than your normal invitation. Third, we have the classic damask invitation, square, bold and bright. Perfect for a corporate function or savvy soiree!

Wonderful party ideas made into an invitation, with response cards and stickers to match. This toy soldiers card and this ugly sweater card are the best when trying to match invitation to decorations. Your invitation will get all your guests in the mood!

What else could you possibly need?

Maybe – photo cards? Coming soon!!

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TEAM NOTES – Noteworthy Stationery

Is your home office missing something? Perhaps you need a little new shelving or a better desk chair. Or maybe, just maybe, some new stationery from your favorite school?!  If there is all one thing we are proud of it’s the school we attended or a school we have put our heart and soul into. Around this football season, colleges and universities play to win and you are there every step of the way.  Help them off the field while being a major fan with Team Notes from Noteworthy.  These CLC and LRG approved collegiate stationery items range from notepads to luggage tags and everywhere in between.

Show your school spirit without having to wear that foam finger everywhere you go!

(All Team Notes products are printed on high quality paper and allow for personal customization)

Acrylic Notepad (CSP): 150 loose, printed sheets from your school of choice.  Shrink wrapped in plastic, accompanied with a bow, placed in an acrylic holder. 4.75″ x 7.5″

Clipboard Pad (CCP): 50 bound, printed sheets from your school of choice. Shrink wrapped in plastic, accompanied with a bow, placed on an acrylic clipboard. 5″ x 8″ (paper) 6″ x 9″ (clipboard)

Tear Pad (CTP): 150 bound sheets, perforated to be torn off easily.  A ribbon is placed at the top matching the colors of your school of choice. 4.5″ x 6.125″

Menu Pad (CMP): 50 bound sheets with a magnet on the back for the ability to stick on any fridge. Wrapped in a bow and from the school of your choice. 3.5″ x 7.5″

Large Jot Pad (CLJP) / Jot Pad (CJP): 50 bound, printed sheets. Wrapped with a ribbon matching the school of your choice. 5″ x 8″ / 4.5″ x 6.125″

Invitation (CC): Bordered design printed on high quality card stock with school emblem. Personalize and order as many as needed for your special event. 4.5″ x 6.25″ Minimum order 20.

Correspondence Card (CC): Bordered flat note design printed on high quality card stock with school emblem.  Personalize or leave blank to use for an occasion you need. Order as many as you would like. 4.5″ x 6.25″ Minimum order of 25.

Enclosure Card (CEC): Double sided printing with design and school emblem. One side left open for personalizing. Choose font and color. Use as gift enclosure, table card or name tag. 2.125″ x 3.5 Minimum order of 50.

Folded Note (CFN, CFP): Two different type of folded notes are possible here. The first an imprintable folded note card, left blank inside for your own personal note. The front is designed and fully printed (allows no customization). The second does allow printing and personalizing of the front of the folded note with your name or someone else’s name.  The inside is still left blank for your personal note. 5.5″ x 4.25″ These folded notes can be given as a gift in our own printed gift boxes (PGB)(not available for all schools). Minimum order of 10.

Luggage Tag (CLT): Double sided printing, with one side available for your name, address, phone number, email address etc. These cards are then placed in plastic protectors with straps to be connected to your luggage. Order as many as needed. 3″ x 4.5″ Minimum order of 4.

Address Labels/Stickers (CQ): Round, colorful stickers with your name and address.  School of choice’s emblem or design in the center of the sticker. 1.5″ Minimum order of 60 and then in increments of 30 stickers after.

Snap Stamp (TNS): Personalized stamp faces with one snap stamp base necessary. School emblem in the center, personalized address and name around the emblem. High quality printing and self-inking. Average size 1.45″ square and round stamps.

So soon you’ll have everything you need, right? Celebrate your favorite college or university with showing off their colors and emblems!!

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Baby Shower Invitations

Posted by Brianna on October 24, 2011 in Children's section, Noteworthy's Newest Additions

Is it a boy? A girl? Or a surprise??

Baby Showers are in full swing this fall and winter! So many babies born in January, February and March which make October through December the exact right time for a baby shower.  Baby showers have always amazed me. The mother, most likely uncomfortable and ready for the birth of their child doesn’t really get to enjoy the shower that much, at least I don’t think so. The party part is usually for the guest and the gift part, well that’s for the mother.  It is fun to be surrounded by so much love and friendship.

So when you’re planning your friend’s baby shower or your daughter’s or whomever’s shower, keep the mother in mind.  At Noteworthy, we’ve done just that. We’ve created a baby shower invitation for every kind of mother, whether she’s quiet and thoughtful or fun and loud! See the difference between this Blue Damask Pram baby shower invitation and this Green Preggers baby shower invitation?

Their are no two mothers alike! With pinks, blues, greens and yellows there is always something to find! These next three baby shower invitations all have themes – love and marriage, teddy bears and little birdies.  Not only are these invitations already so high quality, they can also be ordered and printed using 100% recycled paper!!

Babies are certainly a gift and therefore they need to be cherished on all levels. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of a new person into our world!

If your mother-to-be has already given birth, perhaps a birth announcement would be appropriate.  Our birth announcements include photos to show off your bundle of joy. They are also a wonderful gift for the new mother who may have her hands too full to get an announcement out.

Been to a lot of baby showers and feeling a bit tight on money? Offer up a coupon book for the new mother to help her out in this very busy time in her life. The only thing you’ll be dishing out is your time for a good friend.

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Harvest Time Greeting Cards

Posted by Brianna on October 21, 2011 in Holiday Parties, Noteworthy's Newest Additions

It’s just about harvest time and you know what that means! It means it time for new beer to be brewed, wine to be made, wheat to be harvested, pumpkins to be carved and all things to take a break for winter.  Harvest time is about bounty and storage for the cold ahead. We’ve also always made the connection between harvest time and family together-ness. Late November we will gather with family and friends to be thankful and share our bounty with those we love most.

There is a small catch however, when it comes to family and friends coming together.  Nowadays, not all of our family members or our friends are near to us.  Harvest Greeting cards are important during those time when families just can’t get together. These Harvest Greeting cards include high quality digital photos, impressive color and design as well as perfectly clear professional printing.

To stay in touch and keep your family up-to-date send them greeting cards and photos of those who are important to you, like these two greeting cards.  The first is a horizontal card with a berry wreath and a space for one photo on the left.  You can write a little note or include a longer letter in with your card.  This greeting card can be found at or click here for easier access.

The next photo greeting card I’d like to feature can also be found at finestationery and is titled Leafy Swirls Photo Card.  There is a leaf ornament at the top separated by a personalized photo and greeting text at the bottom.  This card’s light cream background and bright oranges and browns exemplify the essence of Harvest Time/ Thanksgiving and Fall.  Stay close with family and friends even if you can’t be near them.

Other Autumn/Thanksgiving invitation choices can be found at, as well as

These last photo greeting cards use browns and greens to showcase lots of photos.  This time you don’t have to be choosy and narrow all your wonderful photos down to one, you can use between 3 and 4 to show off your whole family.  These photo cards from invitationbox can also carry over into the Christmas season.  If you don’t have your photos ready just yet, you can wait a little longer and send them off between Thanksgiving and Christmas; remember it’s only 1 month between the two!!


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Special Dates: 11/11/11

Posted by Brianna on October 19, 2011 in Birthday Invitations, Everyday Collection, Holiday Parties, Weddings

When people get married, have a birthday or enjoy an important party the dates of these occasions are always extremely special.  These dates you will remember forever.  So why do people make such a big deal about weird dates like 9/10/11, 11/11/11 or next year 12/12/12? Well, for ONE, I suppose they are sure to be the easiest anniversary dates to remember. I saw an invitation to a boy’s 11th birthday on 11/11/11 – now that’s impressive! A golden birthday on a date that will only happen ONCE in a hundred years!

The draw to these fun dates is to carry them with us into the future.  A date like the ONES we are having in the 21st century have not happened since 1900. Many of us will only ever experience these ONCE in our lives and they should certainly be celebrated! If anything it’s just another excuse for a party!

This November 11, create something fun for your guest to do.  Create games with 1′s or try interesting foods and drink.  Dinner parties on this Friday night are sure to be a hit by choosing music with ONE in the title or having a wine tasting where each person must try ONE of each!

For your weddings play along with the theme, your love is the only ONE for you!  Your kind of love for each other is ONCE in a lifetime. You don’t have to go overboard as simple, subtle ideas will shine through.

For birthdays, cakes can really get impressive.  Have you ever tried making a cake in the shape of a ONE? For an occasion like this, I just might try it out!

Have fun and go wild on a date that you won’t ever see again until 3011! Get creative and impress your guests.

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Wait, what? Christmas season already? Holiday Invitations

You’re walking down your local drug store and alas, you see… Christmas decorations? Has Halloween even come to pass? Manufacturers are starting to supply stores early with Christmas items so as to get a jump on the always stressful season.  The funny thing about this Christmas season take over is that only about 25% of the population actually takes advantage of being an early bird.  So what does all this have to do with Noteworthy?

Well, first of all, we always have all our Christmas products up and ready for sale, not only as a wholesaler, but also through our vendors.  Can you get Christmas greeting cards and invitations in December? Yes, you can, but do you really want one more hassle to deal with? If you start early and you order early, then you receive early and you’re all done! If you already know all your party information, there is no reason to wait.  And certainly, if you already have a photo picked out for your Christmas card, then knock that baby off your list of things to do!

Our high quality card stock will help make your invitation and/or greeting card the best of the best!  Our 100% recycled paper is also an option for all our digitally printed invitations and cards to keep your Christmas ever green!

Though olives and peppermint sticks might not be the best combination for a dirty martini, they do work well for a fun Christmas cocktail invitation.  An important thing to note: our newest invitations are printed digitally for the best high quality printing as well as special perks – multiple colors free of charge.

Are you in need of an invitation for your annual corporate Christmas party? Give them something simple, yet classic like this black and white swirled reindeer invitation.  This invitation works well for corporate parties because it’s fancy enough for the occasion, but doesn’t include too many bells and whistles.  You’ll impress all who attend.  If you’d like to bump it up a notch, match with a sleek black and white response card.

Greeting cards are no problem! Choose between one photo and multiple photo greeting cards.  You can choose greeting cards with larger photos like this one pictured below or cards with smaller photos to be able to fit more information.

Your Christmas invitation and greeting card needs met all at one place. Now, get a move on!


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